7. Outlining the Journey

“That was a litany of the Imperial Fists, captain”, Vox said as they left the chapel together. “Where did you learn it?”“We had one of their chaplains visit when I…

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6. Prayers

Inquisitor Laraise greeted Titus in a richly decorated suite, heavy on gold and ruffles. She was lying on a luxuriantly upholstered couch on the far side of a table set…


5. Entrance

Titus was woken by Tiberius contacting them a little more than two hours later. “Gate three”, he heard. A moment later Vox confirmed and they moved. The sleep paralysis dwindled…


4. Safe from Inquisitors

As Vox had hoped, they encountered nobody who tried to stop them. “Ha!”, the young brother said when they rounded yet another corner. “Tiberius is a genius when it comes…


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