24. Life Goes on

The debriefing with the commander had been a short, unceremonious visit from him in the apothecarium. Since he had already received the report, there was little to say. Athuriel had…


23. Half the Team Lost

After the badly coordinated boarding, Dankwart worked his healing rites on them. He started with himself to get his left arm back under control, which was riddled with holes. Then,…


22. Highly Explosive

They ran up the stairs, Titus still steadying Vox. The three brothers they had left up there had fanned out and provided them with cover while Tsart and Athuriel had…


21. A Knack and a Hunch

There was the short, unpleasant moment of nausea, typical for being teleported. Then, Vox and Titus appeared neatly in the middle of a dimly lit corridor that probably spanned the…

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