To Marc
for lighting the spark

To Bobby and Sven
for the best beta reading I could have wanted

To Tobi
for patient listening in a hostile environment

Known Canon Breaches

Here be spoilers

Other than the canon demands, the Space Marines I describe lack the ribcage, fused into a solid block. Their ribs are stronger and broader, overlapping each other but they are still able to move in the natural pattern known fromĀ humans. I chose to commit this breach because I am utterly convinced that the Emperor would have a deep understanding of anatomy and design His warriors with full lung capacity.

Lord Emperor, I failed you. I could not bring myself to implement the Imperial system. I’m too German I guess… Forgive the humble sinner and let her live on in a well measured world.

I did it on purpose

Julia M. V. Warren

Web Designer

I Was

To Sum it Up

I’m the weirdest thing in any company

2007 - Present

Learning to Fly in High Wind

You know? Life is basically shit. The trick is to admire the pretty reflection on the surface while you wade through it. Make problems into challenges and you will prevail.


Knowledge as Selbstzweck

I have studied psychology for a long time now, without ever achieving any title. But I like people and understanding them gives new depth to any connection.


Not So Happy Days

Yeah, no. Let’s not talk about my time in school. There were no great catastrophes, no bad circumstances. Just people. People I couldn’t get figured out and if you’re the weird kid, you just suffer. Period.

I am


Mother Dragon


Student of Human Nature

With Conviction

Artist - So, everything I do is art


Writing 55%
Empathize 90%
Mothering 75%
Scaring People Shitless 50%